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We have explanation why he started web postings about things from 20 years ago.

It was not him choosing to focus on the past, but on around 3 December 2016 onwards he would have been emailed a Court Order of what to do next about issues 20 years ago, from the Judges personal assistant in the big cluster of his civil claim cases.


In this case he mentions here, he is the claimant in a civil court claim regards bullying/abuse of power by police, meaning for example he says local police unfairly find excuses to arrest or prosecute him such as over 100 road traffic offence cases that he successfully defended (and as a LIP). But with that level of manufactured prosecutions that were unsuccessful meant he could not get on with his life.

His strategies can often be rational, but he is too worn out to reply coherently.

The oral hearings in this case started in the autumn of 2010 and things have been relentless since then. It can be argued that during a civil court claim that police bully him and abuse their power, the same police arranged he was also locked up as from 2011 for essentially (though may be unwisely) saying the truth about a doctor.

My view is that any normal person would struggle in his situation. I would like to see him have break by resting up in a hotel in Africa or fly once he is medically recovered.
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