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Where we disagree is that we have to have inferred access to the EU markets and I want a controlled freedom of movement
I dont disagree with that at all, what I do disagree with is that you have to be a member of the free market or customs union to have asscess to it. If you are a member you then remain under the auspices of the European Court, you have to pay for access accept free movement and be unable to do your own trade deals. That is too big a price. Get free market access without these and everyone including the EU based companies are happy, that I am afraid is down to the EU though.

Already EU citizens are leaving with the pound level and we desperately need people across the board from unskilled to semi skilled to skilled
Actually there is no evidence they are leaving and numbers are expected to surge prior to leaving.. Again I have no issues allowing those here already to stay but that has to be across the board with UK nationals being allowed to stay in Europe, something the Germans are unwilling to agree to at the moment. I believe that controls should be around access for needed skills, do we really need immigrants to come and wash cars, then claim in work benefits to send home? likewise in the service sector, all an unlimited supply of labour does is drive down wages for the poorest in the country meaning that the tax payer (ie. you and I) fund companies who have no need to pay a decent wage.

What needs changing is citizen and benefit rights not freedom of movement
What you need is a level playing field meaning that EU citizens have to qualify on the same basis as the rest of the world. Is iy fair that someone from Bulgaria can walk in no questions asked while someone from Australia cannot?

Food industry warns of higher prices without EU workers - BBC News
Well they would wouldn't they, maybe they should pay a bit more. Makes you wonder how we ever survived before free movement.

In other news our trade deficit has narrowed again down 4 billion and exports to the rest of the world increased again.
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