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Definitely NOT
From the other thread the problems of fitting a transponder in a glider have been highlighted but there is also a question of reliability.

When I flew heavy jets dispatch with an unserviceable transponder was allowed.
Do we ban them too?

I flew a Stemm motor glider with the owner - had terrible reliability problems with the transponder as did a Longeeze guy who worked in the industry.

I was a member of the club which was involved in the mid air with the airbus - we did a deal with the Dgac at Montpellier to climb into controlled airspace with transponders but we had to fit a second battery, had reliability and duration problems.

The best device for general aviation is the flamm system which was developed by the swiss and sold at cost.

What is needed is pilots looking outside and lazy controllers using primary radar.

In ten years of instructing on class A and gliders the worse pilot wrt to look out was a retired KLM DC 10 instructor. Although he had over 20,000 hours he obviously had never learnt to look out.
Unfortunately he had his own aircraft and besides suggesting that he improved his lookout there was nothing I could do.

The best guys wrt lookout were the ex fighter pilots for obvious reasons.

I would image it's far worse nowadays with the reduction in flight training and the reliance on automatics and simulators.
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