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Should EASA look again at the European rules designed to maintain separation involving commercial aircraft, light aircraft, and gliders?

Most definitely YES.
The world has moved on, rapidly, since the rules were established. They are no longer fit for purpose. GA traffic needs to be absorbed into the system, not precluded. We all want our fun, and safety. At the moment you have low experience pilots in lowly equipped slow a/c mixing it with highly trained well experienced pilots in well equipped hight speed a/c and relying on the slow moving recreational pilot seeing & getting out of the way of the jet. and ATC, the managers of air traffic who are controlling the jet, have no idea the spam can is there.
We've seen similar occurrences in Superbikes and other motor races on the track: the top boys at the front, racing as a pack, catching up to very un-competative back markers. It can cause mayhem, and many have asked the question "why are they on the track at that level?"
They get out of the way, you hope, because some marshal waves a blue flag to tell them of the incoming cavalry charge.
Now there is are situations in the air whereby the slow moving 'back marker' is not being advised that they are entering shark infested waters because they have not switched on their shark sensor bit of kit, nor asked the life-guard if it's safe to enter and where the sharks are. They swim out blind to the threat and hope they can 'see & and avoid' the snapping teeth. Equally the shark gets miffed when it comes upon the minnow unexpectedly and has to pull a 4G serve to avoid banging its sensitive nose.
Needs a serious review PDQ.
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