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Originally Posted by ORAC View Post
Sources at Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said that engineers had not cleared the plane to fly. Muhammad Irfan Elahi, CAA chairman, confirmed that one engine was known to be out of order.
That sounds like b*ll*cks.

The statement issued was regarding an engine failure after takeoff, which is a world apart from saying that it departed with a known snag or without being signed off by maintenance.

Shahid Lateef, a retired air-marshal, said that allowing the plane to fly without clearance from engineers was criminal. “I am unable to understand how come this plane was allowed to fly in the first place,” he said. “This is a serious violation and both PIA and CAA officials will have to come up with answers.”......
Sounds like your typically uninformed rent-a-quote from someone who thinks his years of experience obviate the need to check facts before opening mouth.
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