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As an airline pilot who is also a light aircraft pilot and has flown gliders in the past I would hope I am qualified to comment.
Whilst I will keep a decent lookout in VMC many will not, nowadays some of them have done virtually no flying outside CAS, add into this that you are flying an aircraft that is probably travelling at over 200kts and does not have the best visibility in the world it can be quite hard to see other traffic, then add in that manouvering to stay clear of cloud is not so easy as you have an aircraft full of passengers who get concerned if the aircraft is doing a lot of manouvering and it all gets a lot harder than some think.
It may be everyones responsibility, but if the glider (and light aircraft) pilots do not want additional airspace restrictions then they need to do all they can to ensure they do not come into conflict including the use of r/t and anti collision aids.
For anyone that cannot find an appropriate frequency to call on,in the UK give London/Scottish etc Info a call, I am sure they will dig it out for you.

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