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Since some of you are in the "all chaps together" mode, and quite what the direct relevance of the posts referring to that much loved topic on here....."anything to do with Islam is bad " has to do with UK politics is beyond me......thus, I hate to spoil your party, but, when it comes to women's rights and status, something about glass houses and stones springs to mind.....a little closer to home...

" The "sisters" are strangely silent. Feminism has been exposed as a sham, created solely to denigrate and destroy the white male" .

Siti !

An absolute classic old boy ! .....tis now the 21st century by the way, women have the vote no less !....some of them even captain aircraft !...( feel free to take a stiff G n T here at this, presumably, revelatory news )

However, I do, truly regret I am not in a position to socially introduce to several ladies I know, who would, I assure you, be delighted to listen, in complete silence of course, as befits their perceived status by your omnipotent self ( white male ) before, alas, "educating" you as to the error of your ways....which would be a somewhat steep learning curve for you and, I have to say, would leave me convulsed in laughter.
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