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It does seem crazy where signs saying "motorcyclists please remove your helmet" are very common and perfectly legal, but if anyone was to put up a sign saying "please remove any veil or face covering", for precisely the same reasons as the remove your helmet sign, it would cause outrage.

Being able to see a face to identify a person, or to better determine their intentions, seems something that is an essential requirement to me. It's nothing at all to do with racism or religious intolerance, it's plain common sense.

In practically every day-to-day transaction there is a degree of trust between those making the transaction, and a large part of that trust is based on being able to see the facial response and reactions of those making the transaction.

Am I going to wholly trust someone who'd face I cannot see? No, I'm not. It's not irrational, racist or any form of bias, it's based on the fact that we have evolved to judge emotions and reactions from looking at each other's faces.
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