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Interesting article from Fox News Latino Lamia pilot was facing trial, had arrest warrant issued for him in Bolivia | Fox News Latino

The Bolivian Defense Minister - Reymi Ferreira, contends that the pilot (Quiroga) had received military training from the Bolivian air force after enlisting, then - a significant way through his training, he bailed and "retired" from service, even though his enlistment terms stated he would need to stay for a predetermined amount of time in exchange for the training.

So he bailed after (what they say amount to ~$100k USD) in training, then had enough legal stuff scheduled in the pipeline to keep him out of jail - though the article says there was indeed an active arrest warrant out for him!

ALSO - other articles released yesterday clearly outline corruption and manipulation tactics by LaMia. For example, the two aircraft that were out "on loan" and/or in for "heavy maintenance" were actually IMPOUNDED in 2014 along with the 3rd / crash aircraft, at a Bolivian air force facility after they refused to pay for maintenance which had been conducted there, and apparently they were able to get one aircraft out of there. Five months ago, the pilot in the crash flight (again, Quiroga) was actually detained in connection with the unpaid repairs and impounded aircraft and had been awaiting trail.
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