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Originally Posted by Seldomfitforpurpose View Post
I disagree as both 'sources' are not the ones you would usually associate with this kind of article.

The articles say nothing that anyone with an open and enquiring mind had not already worked out and confirms the reasons why the 'silent majority' take the easy route of remaining silent because talking about it always sees the race card being played.

My particular favourite is trying to get the 'talking head lib lefty's' to explain their acceptance and understanding of Islam when you consider the manner the religion treats it's women folk, the toxicity of the question has them scampering for cover every single time.
That was my point, precisely, but better made.

I would have expected calls for greater religious freedom, and the protection of the rights of the Muslim minority to behave as they wish, to come from the left, not a condemnation of the way in which this particular religious group ignore our laws and impose their own.
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