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Originally Posted by Seldomfitforpurpose View Post
This little hot potato will have the "talking heads" running for cover

Racial segregation 'growing in UK', Dame Louise Casey warns - BBC News

and it's in the Guardian so it must be true.......
Interestingly, I listened to her on the radio this morning, whilst taking my car in for a service. What she said, and the evidence she gave to support it, was compelling, and not at all politically driven as far as I could tell.

The core problem is that we have allowed some areas in the UK to regress to the point where basic rights and freedoms are suppressed by powerful, male dominated groups. She cited areas where women were not allowed out of the house without a man's permission, where women were not allowed to drive a car, or even learn to speak English, because of male-dominated religious authorities.

What was clear was that there were some areas where the Shariah Councils held more power over the local community than any elected body. This isn't directly related to extremism, but an example of how we have allowed people to settle in our Christian country, given them the freedom to follow their own religion, and unwittingly also allowed them the freedom to ignore our laws and set up what amounts to their own legal system.

Ignore the fact that the sources quoted have a left-wing bias, as the message is one that I would have expected to come from a right-wing source. If the left are propagating it then we can be reasonably confident that there is a fair bit of truth in it. She was even calling for new British citizens to swear an oath that they would not allow inequality between men and women, if I heard it correctly (if that wasn't exact, it was the jist of it).
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