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Originally Posted by BillieBob View Post
It doesn't happen very often but I'm in total agreement with BEagle on this one - aviation does not benefit from the likes of Maurice Kirk. He has nobody but himself to blame for his current condition and I, for one, would not lift a finger to get him out of it. He's alive and, presumably, uninjured and if the locals make teapots out of his Cub, it will, at least, ensure safer skies over Africa for a while.
I carry no torch for Mr Kirk and many of the criticisms of his attitude to flying and aircraft maintenance, if true, reflect an appalling attitude.

But let's also remember that he is a human being stuck in an awful situation - yes, largely of his own making - and the attitude of: "I wouldn't lift a finger to help him" is, IMHO, a far worse sin than any that MK has committed.

There's nothing that I can do practically to help him but, if there was, I'd do it.
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