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Hurrah for Maurice Kirk, say I. What a lot of stuffed shirts getting bent out of shape; how the spirit of adventure has been stifled. Why on earth did Maurice ever associate himself with the money moguls? he could have just taken off like my good buddy Colin Hales, who is a true pioneer, built his own two identical airplanes in his rented hangar at Shenington, and first flew one to Australia with his then ladyfriend, and now is flying solo around the world, INCLUDING CROSSING THE WATERS carrying extra cabin tanks of fuel instead of a ladyfriend. Got his priorities right!

All you poor chaps need to try our sport, we fly cross country in gliders and enjoy the uncertainty; if you get it wrong you visit a farmer. No worries. We fly gliders all round Europe, and also fly gliders in Africa, if a lion is nearby it is best to remain in the glider and keep calm....
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