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Originally Posted by neila83 View Post
No, I don't think planes crashing because they have run out of fuel is happening more often than the public thinks. As has already been pointed out this is in no way similar the the Virgin incident. Well except a plane was involved.

After the earlier post about Ryanair, where does all this nonsense come from? Ryanair were perfectly legal and as was even noted in the post diverted to 2 different airports and still landed safely. That's the difference between carrying enough fuel and not carrying enough fuel. This flight was actually planned - it's there on the plan - so that if a single nautical mile extra was required it couldn't make it. Consider that for a second.

I'd like to see the evidence for MH apparently routinely landing at LHR below legal minimums?
From PPRuNe http://www.pprune.org/rumours-news/4...-fuel-lhr.html

Pilots forced to make emergency landings because of fuel shortages - Telegraph


Considering the number of movements there are not a lot of landings on fumes - but it does happen. And as the original poster on this sub-subject said it may be more common than reported. In the spirit of ASRS these events should be anonymized and reported with reasons behind them so that the holes in the cheese can be closed.
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