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" Whilst I agree that cyber warfare is an issue that needs constant defending from, it is not, on its own, something to be worried about by western democratic societies. There are constant attacks of varying severity but it is a bit of a cat and mouse game.

It's always gratifying to learn you concur at times, unfortunately, you seem to have a rather na´ve innocence thereafter.

We, the general public that is, have no real idea as to the extent of these attacks for fairly obvious reasons. However, we do know that they seem to be on the increase. It's far from a "cat and mouse" game therefore.

[I"]Cyber attacks are more of a threat to dictatorial regimes by providing the people with information and the power to rise up. The way Anonymous dealt with the Egyptian situation for example" [/I].

That's a relief to learn then.....all those wonderful democratic countries in the world, including the UK, should have no real concerns about the occasional glitch in the nations IT capability and the extent to which we are now so reliant on such, irrespective to the context.

" For a free western society I would be far more worried that a cyber attack was used to disable and confuse a nation prior to a more physical attack by some other means" .

Despite your assertations to the contrary, you have in fact now encapsulated the very criteria that causes concern. Credit where it's due therefore.

Quite why however, taking the UK as a case in point, thereafter the Russians would wish to physically invade us remains unknown and it was Russia and the nuclear option that emerged in this thread you may recall.

With a country already disabled and confused, and lets face it, so reliant are people on IT it wouls take very little disruption to their lives for serious panic to emerge, why then resort to nuclear weapons ?......the infrastructure remains intact and radiation free but with the population suitably cowed.

I wasn't aware NK had any missiles capable of reaching the UK....so that's of no relevance and as for Iran, well, there's a certain Middle Eastern country who would have no hesitation about using conventional weapons to negate even the slightest hint of any perceived potential usage of a nuclear weapon.
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