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Originally Posted by cargun View Post
  1. 2:33 UTC descent starts from 9144m to 7612m, maintaining speed. Is this normal?
  2. 2:36 UTC speed starts to decline as well, dropping to 441km/h in 11 minutes (2:47).
  3. 2:42-2:47 holding starts
  4. 2:47 UTC altitude 6400m speed 441km/h
    2:50 Tries to speed up to 513km/h maintaining 6400m altitude
  5. 2:55 Speed drops to 263km/h, Altitude to 4740m and vanishes off the radar.
If there were a fuel problem why hold 13 minutes? The holding may be for dumping fuel for an emergency landing...
An intriguing question (why hold for 13 (or 11) minutes?) but your second question makes no sense for me. Why would they need to dump fuel for an emergency landing, given the discussion over how much fuel this aircraft can carry and how long the flight was? You don't need to be on empty/fumes to carry out an emergency landing, right?

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