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Can someone interpret the Flightradar data?
The cruising speed was 676 km/h.
Seems like the auotopilot is deactivated at around 2:15 UTC (manually increasing speed ? to 700km/h) long before descent, may things start to go awry here?
2:33 UTC descent starts from 9144m to 7612m, maintaining speed. Is this normal?
2:36 UTC speed starts to decline as well, dropping to 441km/h in 11 minutes (2:47).
2:42-2:47 holding starts
2:47 UTC altitude 6400m speed 441km/h
2:50 Tries to speed up to 513km/h maintaining 6400m altitude
2:55 Speed drops to 263km/h, Altitude to 4740m and vanishes off the radar.

It has been reported that the airplane declared emergency at 10pm and crashed at 10:15pm Colombian time (3:15 UTC), so flying 20 minutes at around 260km/h off the radar? The crash site's altitude is around 2500-2600m.

The crash site here is reported as 17km away from the airport. https://t.co/qPKJMab7dA, it vanishes off the radar at around approximatley 30 km away from the airport. If the reported crash time and locations are correct this means flying 13km at an average speed of 153km/h. V0 is 263km/h. V-Crash 43km/h, hence the survivors?

If there were a fuel problem why hold 13 minutes? The holding may be for dumping fuel for an emergency landing...
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