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Cutting off the cuffs

CG quote:
When the big day came and he ejected over (I think) the North Sea, he got out safely, cleared his chute, but forgot the leg seals. He died of exposure due to wicking up the socks and onto his bunny suit. The shock TOFO refers too is real, and even in drills. He'd be alive if he had respected his kit over his comfort: end quote.
I was told that one by an RAF winchman, but in the early 70s.

Back then, I used to join a client to hop over to Le Touquet for cheap booze and tax free fuel. The approved LA channels across were at 3.500 & 1500 ft, so one had very little time at the low alt if things stopped. We wore the LJs and kept the dinghy in the cabin, not the hold.

I sail boats and have been in cold water a few times. One I won't forget, was a 400mt or so swim in the Atlantic in March (the boat was wind driven faster than I could swim) jeans, boots and thick pull over with waterproofs. LJ was mouth inflation. Lessons learned: Extremely difficult to inflate the LJ in choppy water, virtually impossible to get rid of excess clothing, even the boots. By the time I realised that I could not catch up, my clothes were pretty waterlogged and I was struggling to stay up. I then inflated the LJ, which then forces you to swim on your back. I really don't want to do that again.
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