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As Vilas says, it's not the case that they are always greater.

Does your flysmart app have just the TOGA and max flex option? If so, then you might get that assumption.

But if your admin has it set up so that you can see all the flex variants, pick a runway at low weights and good conditions and run it.

For my local airport on a 2300m runway, I have the V1,Vr,V2 speeds at TOGA, F43,F45,F47,F49 and F51 all the same, and all VMCG limited.

Then F53 and F55 have same V1, but the Vr and V2 start to increase (Vmcg limited)

F57 and F59 have V1,Vr,V2 higher than Flex (Obstacle clearance limited).

Remember also that the Flysmart app chooses a V1 that gives the greatest margin (unlike the old LPC where you could pick a higher V1 and reduced margin, which was handy in some locations).
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