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Originally Posted by onetrack View Post
Right from the mouth of the inventor, in his interview, below ...

"Interviewer: Can you tell me more about how it works? How many engines are in there?

Franky: We have four engines inside, and the power is 250 horsepower each. It’s about 1,000 horsepower total."

Franky Zapata racing - jet-powered flying hoverboard interview

Some table-napkin rough calculations tells me a backpack full of Jet-A1 sure isn't going to keep 1000HP fired up, for too long!
Mmm, ok, could be right. It would be nice to get to the detail beyond the journalism. If this is in fact the equivalent power of these turbines, it is quite an impressive way to use kerosene. Yes, maybe around 1 or 2 kg/minute.

Anyway, on the other matter about Stability and Control, likely similar concept to
from 2:55.
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