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Originally Posted by onetrack View Post
It has 4 x 250HP turbo reactors for power - 1000HP, just to lift one person?? Seems like massive overkill to me, and the fuel consumption to produce that HP must be enormous. Doesn't look like an economic or viable product from any angle, to me.
However, I guess the U.S. military will be itching to immediately order 100,000 of them at $1M each, to ensure that they have enemy-jaw-dropping, cutting edge, troop-movement methods, ready to hand.
Where do you get the "It has 4 x 250HP turbo reactors for power - 1000HP, " data from?

It looks to me that 4x 50kgf thrust turbines would be sufficient, these units weigh about 7kg each, and cannot produce that much equivalent power. For sure, the fuel consumption is very high, leading to limited utility. But the real story is in the control system, and the fact that the cost of all the parts is really very low, sub $20k, and falling.
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