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Tim Tam,

What jets go to Temora during the museum weekend, and is this a regular occurrence?

PS: You are a red herring merchant:

+ TSO'd GPSs do NOT have an inbuilt track offset, and if you are IFR, it is illegal to be off track unless you're operating in OCA. And operating a GPS off-track, while being a good idea, is a pain because at the next waypoint it tries to steer you back on track, requiring a continual re-fiddle. I can assure you, sunshine, I have seen more metal go over or under my window than is made into cars! In the old days, it used to be "over there, or over there", but not any more. And I'll bet you london to a brick that your average joe-blow VFR is now spending more time in the cockpit drooling over his GPS than looking out!

+ There are not plenty of places where aircraft mix it not on the same frequency. And the current CTAF requires all aircraft with a radio to use it: the NAS does not. Given the spruiking of Dick Smith on the matter, there will very rapidly be a plethora of red-necks not talking because they don't have to.

+ The overtaking scenario is a furph and the least dangerous: now that Dick got rid of quadrantal levels, aircraft can be almost head-on. Read the BASI report and all your questions on See and Avoid will be answered.

So, the landscape will very much change for the worse with NAS!

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