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It's actually worse than you might think. Pilots and ATCs are both lamenting the removal of frequencies from charts. This simple aide memoire helps us just as much as the weekend pilot. Nothing better than looking up at the chart over your head to confirm that the correct frequency for Oodnagallarby West is 128.55 (or whatever).

Despite what some people seem to think, most ATCs believe that they're there for a reason - something to do with enabling safe, orderly and expeditious flow of traffic (sorry strike expeditious, it's now cost-effective since affordable safety). Unfortunately the way of the industry at the moment is a push for provision of less services rather than more as it appears we can't afford the level of service we now have. Hence positions combined more often, more frequency congestion, less ability to deal with routine requests - we don't even give QNH anymore although I have heard some "overservicing" occuring.

I'm pretty proud of the Australian industry. We have a record not matched elsewhere and it's not all down to big sky. The vast bulk of our traffic is on the eastern seaboard. As long as all of us keep pushing for the best we can do then we should survive.



Getting back to frequencies, we don't monitor CTAF or 121.5. Sorry. We have to rely on you guys to let us know so we start the SAR process. Get alll your mates to keep there eyes and ears open and hopefully we'll all get home in one piece.
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