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Having been shown schedules 123,123A and 123B which shows greatly increased flying, guys are left scratching their heads as to how the schedules could be crewed.

By 123A there will be 3 less Dash skippers, 3 less Fokker F/O's and that is only the ones confirmed. More waiting for start dates or interviews in the new year.

Un rostered flights can only be covered by so called "RES", daily roster changes and extended duty for only so long.

Sooner or later management will have to lower themselves and communicate with those at the coal face,....but then again it would probably be be easier and more face saving just to cut the schedule once again.

PX would be a good study in how it is possible to ground an airline (that by its nature currently a current dependancy on Expats) by totally and wholly alienating its pilot group.
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