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If they reverse the decision tonight to award her I PROMISE to do one flight completely naked. Not a pretty sight I admit, but I'll do it in front of witnesses FOR SURE.

Tracey Curtis Taylor is undoubtedly a pilot of questionable ability. Accounts of her experience, flight training, and previous exploits are long on claim and short on evidence. By her own admission she has demonstrated a total disregard of accepted airmanship standards, rules of the air, international procedures and compliance with ATC instructions. Her claimed exploits demonstrate that she is a potential danger to those who may find themselves sharing any controlled or regulated airspace with her. As to the question of whether or not she had a valid licence to fly her Stearman previously, I don't yet know and will not make any claims - but I am looking into it.

Tracey. My name is Clive Watson. I'm a professional pilot. Your legal team may contact me by email addressed to [email protected]. I will respond.
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