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It seems to me that HCAP have rather painted themselves into a corner:

Either they go ahead and keep changing the citation until they find some formulation that can act as a fig-leaf to justify the award, no matter how implausibly; or they withdraw it and upset an important and "prominent" part of their constituency.

In short they have to decide between doing what they almost certainly know to be right, and what will keep The Nobs happy.

Sadly, it looks like they lack the courage to do the former and, as a result, will lose all credibility with a major part of the community they claim to represent. I'm not a member but, if I was, I would definitely resign over this.

To the HCAP committee deciding on this award: if any of you is reading this, look at yourselves in the mirror and ask yourselves if this award really reflects what HCAP is meant to represent. REALLY?
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