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I read with interest, the action taken by the LAA, and I think positively for them for it. I am not a member of the LAA (wrong side of an ocean), however, they do represent me - I am a pilot and aircraft owner, so in the broad interpretation, I represent general aviation, and so do they.

As such their decision corrects an error which was made, and restores faith in pilots/owners in the broad sense. When one in our group brings disrespect upon themselves, they bring a small amount upon us too. We are entitled in a small way to defend our general reputation, and to express disapproval when one of us violates our reputation.

I note with interest that in the last few days, of 2008 Olympics athletes who were retroactively stripped of awards due to their deception:

6 More Athletes Stripped of Medals From 2008 Olympics | NBC4 Washington

I read that the accused athletes were guilty of only one or two cases of deception, not the multiple cases which TCT has obviously presented to the public. So, I think it entirely reasonable that TCT not receive an undeserved award now, so that it does not need to be rescinded later.

We pilots make our pastime more honourable by not tolerating dishonour in our ranks, be those ranks the LAA, or pilots worldwide, or the HCAP, who also represent me as a pilot.
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