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I heard Total are pushing (or being pushed?) to use the 225 again once an appropriate tender comes out. Fundamentally this has been a technical problem with an understandable emotional response. Take away the technical problem and there is no reason for the ac not to come back once the fix has been explained to the workforce and demonstrated to be compliant and safe.

The NS it's done but in other markets it'll be a case by case phased re-introduction. Let's not forget that when the final engineering solution is in place, the 225 is still capable of taking more people further for less money than the alternative. The economics will always win out with some customers, particularly in places with less powerful unions and gutter press screaming every time a warning light comes on.

This is in no way an exoneration of EASA seemingly bowing to pressure from Airbus to let it fly again when no definitive word has been sent by the investigation.

Helicopter operators are gleefully taking all the idle S92s at the moment forgetting that the S92 had major engineering issues when it came in. Those loading up on S92 will find the rug pulled when the 225 comes back online as it cannot compete on price in those places where price is the only thing that matters.

My 5c worth.
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