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Glider recovery program.

Just couple of gems needed please.

What is the current level of "Recovered" aircraft?
What was wrong with the recovered aircraft which had to be returned to the "repair" facility?
What is a DAROS?
I presume that the sale of G115s to Finland doesn't compromise the AEF "what would like to do today smith? aeros, or look at your house from the air? plan

RUCAWO, what was the timings in getting your cadets from Regent House (500 yards from 664VGS, to Kirknewton, flying the cadets and returning them to Newtownards. How many flights did they get over the week-end, and how much of the syllabus was covered? Any other meaningful information would, I'm sure, be welcomed by the PPruners on this thread.

Cracking 664 farewell dinner and very well done by Antrim branch, Royal British Legion on our behalf.

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