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Originally Posted by Rigid Body View Post
Hi guys, couple of questions...

1)How do command upgrades work on the bus fleet? Do you go RHS 320/330/350/380 then start LHS on the 320 again? Do you get employed on a type and keep the type till command?

2)Do people change fleet internally if there are slots (airbus to Boeing , 330 to 350 etc) or this is a no no unless basically drafted to the fleet as per FOP needs?
No Airbus to Boeing or vice versa. More movement on Bus fleet 320-> 330/350. Boeing guys tend to stay on fleet although some lower time FOs are being promoted to Skipper on 787 from T7, and some higher time 787 FOs being promoted to skipper onto T7 after 3 months on line (just flew with one recently).

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