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What you are talking about is "airmanship", unfortunately, NAS will legislate the most important aspect out of existance and make us all use "See and Avoid" is the primary safety mitigator.

The NAS will remove the area frequencies from charts so all aircraft in "G" will have no idea what frequency they need to broardcast on when enroute. Mike Smith has publicly stated that their is no need and if you need to broardcast because of local traffic requirements, just use any frequency the local operators decide so no one else has to hear you. (last NT RAPAC meeting).

Unfortunately, NAS has not been debated properly, "the devil is in the detail" and we are finding out mostly by accident, what the limitations are. That is why I am opposed to it and why the argument of "It works in the US, so it will work here" does not hold any water, and all because for a so called benefit to GA and we can all become instructors and teach the masses how to fly. So far this is the only argument tabled in parliment for this airspace system, the Willoughby Report tabled in May.
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