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Reference CAS's decision: It was his, as I know that the original plan on powerpoint for his consideration was rejected in Autumn 2015 and the drafters were told to go and think again! If I recall correctly there were about 7 options given to him and he and his fellow officers were given the decision. I've even seen the decision paper and and accompanying powerpoint presentation. He had to consult at Ministerial level. Quite why they chose the current outcome is beyond me. As others have said before, a bolstered AEF is not the right answer as this reduces the chances to go solo - to ZERO!

Posts #1200, #1201, #1267, #1662 and #1773 show that Ministers and the highest rankers in the RAF made the final decisions - sadly I think the decsion taken eventually was totally the wrong one as we seem to be very little further forward a year after these options were discussed.

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