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No Inquest verdict yet !

"It's become apparent that schoolchildren were being flown around in military aircraft that were non-airworthy"
Not to mention, of course, the huge numbers of Officers and CGI's whose families were completely unaware of the additional heightened risks of compromised airworthiness.

Apropos CAS Andy Pulford, IMHO he was not within any conspiracy, he was in my experience a thoroughly decent and honest man who made it his business to assist Air Cadet & VGS activity on his station. At CAS level he merely endorsed decisions taken lower down the food chain - e,g., by 22 Grp and 2 FTS, relying upon integrity and knowledge at lower levels - perhaps the only error being just that - he trusted their reports !

The amazing thing is, that even now, some 2.5 years on, with precious little or no Air Cadet VGS activity taking place at the remaining 12 Units, there is no sign of an early return to levels of productivity seen "pre-pause", despite many HQAC "spin doctoring stories" on Facebook and other press releases on subjects like "Aerospace camps @ ACCGS Syerston". Additionally, there is little sign that the real scandal has been publicly aired, and even less signs that the guilty will be named, shamed and sanctioned.

This was a classic case of the Amateurs being professional and vice versa !

Maybe this is a sure sign that our MP's and Lords are far too warm and comfortable in Westminster village to be able to bring the villains to justice, and hold both the RAF and MoD contractors to the scrutiny of their work and public accountability for the expenditure incurred.

Maybe a job for dear old Nigel Farage in retirement !
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