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And unless the airworthiness issues are sorted out how long before the shiny new gliders were grounded?
It becomes more difficult and expensive to regress and take corrective action, the longer the systemic airworthiness failings exist. The MAA denied this to Minister in January 2011 and it is this that accounts for them existing for 6 years and not really moving forward. Of course, many in the MAA understand all this, but leadership is lacking.

If it did come to buying new gliders (and I'd love to be a fly on the wall during scrutiny, which is why these things drag on as those to blame need to be long gone to protect them), I'd ensure the supplier also had a long term contract to maintain airworthiness. Just take it out of MoD's hands, leaving them with the fitness for purpose decision. It hasn't been funded policy to do it since 1991 anyway and it is easier to justify paying a contractor than making the case to re-employ people in MoD, who then have to be trained. Remember, the MAA don't actually "do" airworthiness; they are meant to apply audit oversight and act as MoD's champion when bidding for resources. All of which rather raises the question of how they know what to look for (and they still haven't found it). It is not a subject for a 2 year tour. It is a vocation.
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