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Tim Tams,
You're wrong. Many IFR aircraft have been climbing thru VFR who have been on the radio above 500ft (it's the LAW), and it is also the law that IFR make a broadcast for the benefit of VFR BEFORE leaving CTA. Where I fly, it happens. I suggest that if "many IFR only make a call for traffic, not all make a location/atitude/intentions call" then they are bloody-well breaking the rules.

Your quip about the estimates is also a furphy: with any GPS, unless it's a full blown FMS (aka >US $80k), it WON'T calculate the correct estimate after takeoff, and level, in the cruise, is too late! Besides, why do you say "just add the dep time to the flight planned estimate and correct later". That is exactly the maths that Niles is talking about!

You can forget ADS-B too: are you going to fork out $20k just to avoid me? Can you imagine the Hamiltons and the Smiths of the GA world doing that?? Keep dreaming, lad. The aluminium that's going to kill me and my pax will be the VFR cowboy ripping around in E with his radio off, or worse in the "CTAF" listening to Triple M, not my IFR compatriot. They (the VFRs) are hardly likely to want to put in ADS-B eh? The current system is as safe as it needs to be for IFR vs IFR and affords far more flexibility than this E junk (provided that the rebro is turned off!!).

When was the last time you were in a two-crew jet trying to lookout as well as manage the machine?

1991 was the year of the report, but other excellent articles by BASI on the folly of unalerted See and Avoid appeared in "Asia Pacific Air Safety" of March 98 and Sept 98 (before DS decided that BASI were too recalcitrant and combined the mag with the CASA propaganda rag, Flight Safety Australia). Sorry, no links could be found.

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