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Niles Crane
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BASI "Limitations of See & Avoid" ??

After a number of years, I have just re-read the 1991 BASI report on See and Avoid.

A number of people have ridiculed this report in previous posts and I am wondering what the objections are?

To me it makes very good arguments for the scrapping of NAS as NAS uses "unalerted see and avoid" as the primary means of risk mitigation.

But then I am just a Profesional Pilot, not a Private Pilot!

As see and avoid is the primary mitigation for collision avoidance in "G" airspace, how can an IFR pilot comply with Jepp page ATC AU-714, 5.4 especially 5.4.2(d).

CASA requires a pilot to put his/her head into paperwork at the exact time they should be looking out the window, for a piece of useless information (TAAATS knows all this anyway). A pilot should just be able to say: "departed this time, tracking ...... climbing .....".

Of course Open Mike and the electronic person only care about the private end of town and nothing about pilot work load etc that the NAS imposes on IFR types!!
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