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Well I don't know... but what I know is that when I did my IV no one said anything besides the fact that I was the right profile and I was ready for the course. Now they want me to wait 5, I say again 5 more years After I have been flying 10 already? What can I do If I started at a young age on a jet? I have met the requirements to upgrade as per the current OMA by FAR!

So what, now a guy with 35 years old and the bare minimum upgrade requirements is better than a 30 year old with say 3000h more, only because he was born earlier? Bulls**t! Most of The affected young guys were captains before or even trainers in previous reputable airlines back in US or Europe.

How about the guys that are already under 35? What about the 5/6 guys that arr about to finish their upgrades as we speak and are below 30? All of a sudden they are not good anymore? Come on please! This is idiotic!!

The problem is that the cadets, that have 7000h actually have about half of that and very few landings/approaches/sectors. Hence why I think the new policy about stick time is a partial patch to what needs to be revisited in the first place. But guys like us who come from LCC with 4000landings on 320, countless deicings and Low Viz Ops, and then 5 years in EK are now not good all of a sudden because of the year we were born?

Please, don't make me laugh. Check the seniority list and tell me at least 400 FOs born after say 1986 (30yo at the moment) will not send the CVs around the very next day this thing comes to live!

They are screwing with the only guys that were still "happy" here... the ones that were keen tp stay here another 10/15 years and the guys who were the future of this airline.

They have already screwed the more senior guys beyond remedy, let's now make sure EVERYONE is ready to leave as soon as they have a feasible option.

Name one time please in which young age has been the main cause of an accident in aviation. Or even better, how different would the outcome of EK521 have been if they were both 35? Come on... seriously.

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