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the mob protesting about Black Deaths
They are a bit late; The Black Death in London fizzled out around 1665.......
That was the plague, black death was a couple of centuries earlier.

"Black lives matter". Now a front for the Socialist Workers Party but the na´ve idiots probably haven't twigged that yet.
In the hard left (and right for that matter), there are always the "useful idiots".

I'm surprised that this wasn't sorted out in very short order. Are they allowed to continue to remain only because of political correctness about a racial issue?
Perhaps if the courts administered something other than a slap on the wrist to such criminals. The greenpeacers at Heathrow comes to mind. These guys can hardly be given anything else as what the Heathrow nuts got.

Full disclosure. I was a avid supporter of Greenpeace in the 70s, but not any more.
Yes, they'll get the same "rap on the knuckles" as the morons who invaded the Heathrow tunnel.

What has a "Black Lives Matter" protest got to do with City Airport?
Because they reckon that the airport causes pollution and that pollution is "racist". yes, go figure.

You'd think that if they were so concerned about pollution that they would target the badly phased traffic lights that cause traffic to slow down or grind to a halt. It's low-gear driving and stationary traffic that causes most of the pollution.

Originally Posted by White Knight
So to clarify. This wasn't the Judean Peoples' Front?

Nope, we are talking about the Peoples front of Judea.
Romani ite domum
Nor was it the Tooting Popular Front, Wolfie's lot would have done it properly, steal a tank off salisbury Plain, invade Parliament in the recess, put laxative in the punch at a posh kids' party........

Freedom for Tooting. Fulham for the cup.

IMHO when you take actions such as these, you are saying that you don't give a damn about society's laws and rules - thereby IMHO you don't deserve protection by "human rights" or other legislation. Force should be used and as has already been pointed out, water canon can have spectacul;arly effective results in a short space of time. A bit of foam mixed in with it probably has an even better effect....
The trouble is that under these laws the human rights of criminals always trump those of ordinary law-abiding citizens.

And the areas around our airports? As far as I know houses go for a premium near LHR
You can say that again!!

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