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I guess tuc's post is as comprehensive answer as you are likely to get from anyone. However, just to reiterate his point, there have always been unairworthy aircraft and, despite any palliatives offered here or elsewhere, there always will be. The entire fleet that I was on, that of the Hastings, was grounded throughout the world in 1965 following a crash on departure from Abingdon killing all 41 on board:-

The accident was traced to the failure of the elevator outrigger bolts. Checks on other aircraft revealed other bolts also liable to failure. All bolts were replaced with higher grade ones and a good deal of re-riveting around the tailplane area done also, again because of poor quality material. The difference then was that such a crucial part of our airlift capacity was withdrawn at an instant. No pauses, no obscuration, just action by a system that swung immediately into action and got the aircraft airworthy again.

As tuc tells us repeatedly, the problem is now with that entire system. It is both dysfunctional and incompetent. If Little Baldon happened again it wouldn't know where to start, other than to lie or to permanently ground yet another fleet, or more probably both.

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