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Hey gents.

Congratulations to everyone making FSP and being recommended. Hard work pays off

Just wanted to ask a quick question about one of the forms we fill out as applicants. The pilot selection form completed at DFR at the YOU Session or Assessment day regarding the preferences amongst all the services.

I believe the options were "I would not accept an offer from this service", "I would consider an offer from this service" and "I would immediately accept an offer from this service".

Can anyone shed any light on the implications of our responses to these? I imagine if they need candidates quickly for a certain service they choose the ones who have indicated that they would immediately accept, however I believe that would deny you any sort of choice amongst competing offers.

Any opinions on this from those in the know?

To those that are curious about the process, I had my Assessment Day roughly 4 months ago and was only medically cleared 3 weeks ago. It's a waiting game to be sure.

Cheers and beers!
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