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They need to know both: first how to fly the thing when all the gizmos start acting up - learn to recognise a discrepancy between what they expect and what they actually get, disconnect the whole shebang and just fly the thing. And secondly, know your mode laws - that could well prevent the fist skill from needing to be employed.

If you are equipped with the first set of skills, you will be safe. Maybe not smart - but safe. If you add the 2nd set of skills, you are mode proficient.

If you have the 2nd skill-set but not the first, you are safe until the mode logic misbehaves. After that, you are in the same boat as the guy who doesn't understand how the thing works in the first place.

Point is - peeps with the first skill-set can replace a computer. Peeps with only the 2nd skill-set can be replaced by a computer.

As a separate discussion - the high fidelity of simulators means that very few (if any) sims exists where you can simulate a misbehaving flight guidance or thrust mode. Same with bounces - they are kinda hard to generate realistically in the sim. We are so focussed on replicating the real thing that we cannot teach people how to handle flight guidance mis-cueing - we simply don't have the tools.
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