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Freight seems to be going twin engine now - Amazon have just leased 40 767 frames and Atlas Air are contracted to provide flight crew etc. (It's a nice livery: This is Amazon?s first ?Prime Air? plane - Recode)

I don't see there being an expansion in the market for the A380, Malaysian are trying to dump theirs as they can't fill them and Thai are struggling with them too apparently. BA seem to codeshare them with every partner airline under the sun in order to fill them! Without Emirates the A380 wouldn't have made any money at all, as it stands it will just about break even... I very much doubt Airbus will make a NEO version, I guess it costs more in development costs than 70 odd A350's. (Although a new order might be on the table:

I guess the 747-8 will experience a small flurry of orders as Boeing announces the demise of the program and that will be it for the 'Queen of the skies'.
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