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Doesn't that seem improbable given AF1 requirements for specialized communications and ECM fitment? I imagine an existing 748 would have to be essentially stripped of electrical and IFE systems to be reconfigured to AF1 specifications.

33Mike, they'll need to do that anyway - to do that on the production line would be cost prohibitive - among other things, they'd have to make the whole 747 final production line secure, and the cost of certifying that as an ATC would be horrendous.
What Boeing did on the current generation 747/AF1, they 'delivered' a bare-bones 747 (well, technically two), then did the conversion as an STC. Given the necessary modifications (in addition to communication and any extra EMI hardening, we're talking dual APUs and aerial refueling capability), and how messy it is to certify that sort of thing in production, I can't imagine them doing it as other than an STC.

Student, max 747 production rate was seven/month - we hit that briefly back in the early 1990s for the -400 model.
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