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With LH in Munich, You have the following on the "good" side: a good contract with a rather solid company, an acceptable salary, a pension scheme, union representation, a fair legal system, appropriate duty and rest times, Your position a bit up the seniority list, and not forgetting a fine environment to live in for You and Your hypothetical family.

On the "bad" side, there is the general reorganisation of the company, leading to long upgrade times and some uncertainty about the working conditions in the future.

With Emirates, it seems to be the opposite. A possibly quick upgrade, although this is by no means granted and subject to the companies further development, is on the "good" side.

On the "bad" side, there is the meat grinder type roster, the lack of union representation, the companies ability to unilaterally impose changes to the employment contracts, the organisational unity between the aviation authority and the airline, the ever increasing costs of living vs. a stagnating salary, the extreme heat, the pollution, a rather different approach to jurisdiction and so on.

Of course, You need to do the maths Yourself and see which offer suits Your needs best. But do Your due diligence carefully and remember that there is no way back to where You are now, should You decide to go to EK and find it not to Your liking.
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