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To me, the most appalling aspect of Mr Watson's presentation is not the intellectual dishonesty. Those who make their living out of mining the rich vein of busy work generated by leveraging the fear that can be created by the mystique of aviation are rarely troubled by an objective analysis of the evidence and the objective and comparative risks.

And it's not the patent prejudice. I'm guessing that those who don't like or fail to empathise with people of a particular race or sexual preference or other characteristic don't comprehend the irrationality of their position. If they did, they probably wouldn't think that way in the first place.

To me, the most appalling aspect is that the content is just plain infantile. It looks to me like a teenage high school boy's attempt to be 'funny'. And the author is, apparently, in a position in which he makes decisions that affect, profoundly, the lives of adult citizens. That's what appals me most.
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