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Good suggestions for the MAA and MAAIB - 'sistering' with the CAA and AAIB would be a good way forward - and would encourage transfer of best practice.

However, having had a little experience of how the system works, I'm not sure that this would then lead on to any admissions of responsibility or guilt. As is often the way of things, the cover up will gently run on, occasionally muddying the waters, until the key VSOs are no longer around to care.

I know that sounds a bit cynical - but in my view (alert - personal view there) the focus now has to be rebuilding the necessary technical expertise at low to middle desk working levels in MoD and RAF HQs. A limited rework of the regs would also be needed to restore the administrative and organisational tools and procedures required to build and maintain airworthiness. Again, here's a task that a good 'greybeard' panel could really help with.

Please note - I'm not angling for a job here!

Best Regards as ever to all those who can help fix this,

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