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Jack the rabbit
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I appreciate the replies, it is always best to obtain opinions from those actually working for a company.

I must say I see some positives hinted at but I'm suprised at the little amount of people who say overwhelmingly they have a better quality of life as a result. To me, joining a new company is a big thing that presents large challenges, stressors and gives my family a slight headache so it needs to reward in quality of life. That's why I go to work, so always is my priority.

For a lot of years I always had the opinion that BA would provide a good quality of life and I aspired to join. But I've done some serious digging and tired to ask some searching questions. I tried to get away from the temptation to brush over niggles and wrote down as factually as I could what the draw backs and positives were as if it were a company that was unheard of, and was quite surprised. So suprised I did it again! Hence the reason I asked. I really do appreciate the honest input.

Thanks all.

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