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He said applicants should want to join as an officer no matter what. Officer first, pilot second.
Yeah, they do tend to say that... It's true from a recruiting point of view, but, once you've started Pilots' Course, doesn't matter a hoot! The way to get around it is this:
Your primary motivation is to fly an ADF aircraft (fighters first, then whatever tactical aircraft next) and you are thrilled that this will present you the opportunity to also be an Officer in the ADF. But, your primary motivation is to fly ADF AIRCRAFT.

Anyone post the recruiting centres (eg staff at FSP) will be on-board with this. Remember, the ADF is currently looking for aircrew to fly fighters, tactical and strategic transport aircraft and maritime patrol aircraft - don't tell them you've got a real passion to fly the pollies around in a BBJ (even if you do!).

It may seem cheesy but how do you answer "why do you want to join the ADF?" without sound super patriotic or super cliche?
I understand the conundrum - I found this difficult to answer many years ago and had the same concerns as you. I would put it back to your primary goal being to fly ADF aircraft:
"The ADF offers the opportunity to fly advanced aircraft in an ever-changing, challenging and tactical environment. The teamwork involved, the cameradie that will foster and the opportunities to lead others sets aviation in the ADF apart from aviation in the civilian world. And, you get to do all of this whilst providing a service to the nation."

Good luck!
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