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A couple of things I found useful:

Forecast winds are often inaccurate, but do give a rough idea. Its important to get a real appreciation of the wind as soon as possible once you're in the air. Get a significant landmark fairly close to your departure point, and visually fly a constant heading to that point. You now have an accurate drift and wind component (remember slower GS in climb). If you keep using that for your whole leg you won't go far wrong (as long as the legs aren't too long).

I used half way markers on my maps, moving it a couple of miles towards the departure point to allow for the climb, depending on my aircraft, cruise level, etc. Can't remember the exact figures I used.

With a bit of 1 in 60, I reckon thats about all you need.

Oh and the old transponder trick... Handy when available, but I wouldn't make it a habit - it can go embarassingly wrong. A certain new charter pilot I have heard of requested radar vectors to the Bungles from the middle of the Kimberley. oops!

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