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Thanks mate!
It's hard for me to say because I didn't feel that I was doing better than anyone else. In terms of the flying; I found out in my OSB that they feel I have a natural flying ability and 'good hands and feet' which I think helped a lot with the flying side of things. With the OSB and Officer side, it sounds cliche but just be yourself, because that's the person they want to give a job. I spoke to a lot of the BFTS students while I was in Tamworth and just observing how they interact, it isn't hard to tell that there is definitely a 'mould' that everyone fits (everyone is pretty like minded in terms of personalities, humour etc). I definitely think that is a large part of what they screen for in Tamworth, whether you fit that mould or not. If you've gotten to FSP it means you've been doing everything right so far. Keep that up and be yourself because they like what they see.

Last bit of advice: work your ass off. You will reap the rewards in your OSB when you hear the Board President say 'Congratulations, we're going to highly recommend you'.

Congratulations Wazza! That's seriously awesome news mate. What service? You must be absolutely stoked with that result. Can't wait to get an offer myself.

All the best,
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